Nigeria i hail thee

    The world is full of ups and Downs one minute all is well in an instance it could all change . As i lie awake past midnight i can't help but remember the day that just passed.
I laughed ,coughed , got scared made someone smile , i eat , slept ,dreamt and danced however, that's not what's got me restless I'm thinking about Nigeria correction I'm worrying about Nigeria .

   My beloved country ,Giants of Africa oh how the mighty have fallen . A good reputation can only get you so far there will come a time when it's put to the test  the outcome of the test is the product of our hands . I believe in a better , united Nigeria . A Nigeria where all tribes can live as one ,eat from the same pot drink from the same cup .A Nigeria with diminishing poverty and increasing tourism, A country that all nations will revere.A land where the Lord will be proud to gaze upon from the heavens.Trees everywhere, light in everyone home .People with disabilities running for elections, having a voice . A place where the poor feel rich and the rich feel humble ,transportation so good that it would cost next to nothing.

  Nigeria i hail thee your might is blinding you from the truth . If there is no Nigeria there are no Nigerians humans can exist without a county but a country cannot survive without citizens .Let us advocate our rights as Nigerians . Vote , protest , speak up , shout if you must but most importantly be heard . Show the world you have something to say and never ever doubt your power as a democratic citizen .I know that as long as the Almighty Sits on the Throne there is hope for Nigeria . My goal as a Nigerian is to leave Nigeria a little better than i met it.

Don't give up on Nigeria your country needs you.


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