Black catering beauty brands and their complex

Black owned business or as their commonly abbreviated BOB have a complex it's this need to appeal to white audiences to belong in society, their validation and success comes from how much of white power they can own.
Not all BOB are guilty of this but the majority are some knowingly others unknowingly either way the outcome remains the same.
    The common thing i see is black business or business geared towards black people start of using black faces for campaigns , they have passion to cater to an often forgotten group of people black people but once the business begins gaining some influence and money they switch gears black people get pushed to the sidelines in replacement of white , mixed race and other races of people what is popularly known as white washing. These brands send a powerful message which i interpret as as use em and dump em black people are dead weight .

Brands that i know of that are guilty of slowly becoming white washed

  • TreasureTress 
  • SleekMakeUp
  • LA girl
  • Most natural and weave hair companies eg sheaMoisture , aliexpress hair vendors , black owned hair extension owners 
  • Iman
  • Milani 
  • BlackUp

These are just a few and any BOB can be white washed not just beauty brands you could include finance , education , customer services etc .I have also included in the list non BOB who in my opinion cater to black customers so i call i group them as Black catering beauty brands - BCBB . I may be putting these brands on blast but i have nothing but love for them I'm simply calling it the way i see it . Expanding to cater for other races should not mean neglecting your main consumers it shouldn't be a black vs white or black vs others but black, white, Asians, Arabs etc true inclusivity.

How do you know your favourite BCBB is slowly becoming whitewashed 

  • They feature more non black people than blacks eg if you go through their social media who do they choose to tag and re-post? For a brand like sleek i checked it's like 1:8 so for every 8 white person or non black person they post a black person.
  • They choose to show mixed race and racially ambiguous black people to replace dark skin it's the whole one drop rule .
  • They have that token deep dark person like how magazine ads and runways use deep dark models to represent black conveniently excluding medium and dark tones of black people .
  • The staff are predominantly non black
  • Their ads and campaigns have a very all lives matter vibe when they are clearly a brand catering to black people eg that shambles of an ad SheaMoisture did some years back.
  • They send most of their Press release (PR) packages to non black people and choose to use them for their campaigns instead of their actual consumers 
The list goes on comment below any more observations you may have about whitewashed BOB brands . I have to balance things and not be a downer so i will list BCBB brands getting it right 

  • Fashion Fair
  • Black Opal
  • Beauty Bakerie
  • Sascha cosmetics 
  • ORS
  • Jouer Cosmetics
Once again not all brands just listed are BOB but are BCBB and others like Jouer  gets an honorary mention because they just released 50 shades of foundation to include dark skin after facing backlash for their previous foundation release It's nice when brands take criticism well it speaks well of their business practises . 

My message

All the brands mentioned still have alot of work to do to secure the black coin especially BOB.If black people are truly at the centre of your business it should be evident . Putting black people at the front of your campaign does not mean other people will not patronise your business and does not mean you are being racist . The things i would like brands to do to improve 

  • Send PR packages to smaller influences on social media and in person eg shops and businesses 
  • Reward customer loyalty especially BOB as they have a habit of thinking they have a monopoly on the black market NO you have to work as hard as revlon to get black coin
  • Promote all variations of black on your social media platforms.
  • Employ more black staff to help you understand what black people want don't just assume
  • Hair companies promote kinky and natural looking extensions just as they do Indian hair or brazilian hair
  • Host meet ups and free social events for loyal customers and influencers
  • Take accountability of the type of promotions they do and what message they may be sending to the public
  • Ask for help i know for BOB it's difficult to expand due to financial constraints however ask for donations if need be , share your problem as a problem shared is already half solved
Most importantly promoting black people does not mean a hatred for other people , all shades should be able to share the spotlight . 

Thank you for making it thus far i hope you enjoyed the write up . Stay tuned for other related posts and don't leave without subscribing or commenting .


These are the opinions of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking


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