Just like that

This is a bit of a funny post well to me at least , i'm already cracking up and i haven't even written what's on my mind yet . The topic "just like that" came today when my mum and i literally said it at the same time let me gist you

          Today my mum wakes up to a message from a lady saying she'll be coming to the house in the evening and when my mum told me we both exclaimed "just like that" . Just like that is a very Nigerian saying and it's used as a question of sorts like a way to say someone is being very bold.                  Example in a situation where you are watching TV and your friend suddenly changes the channel you could say "just like that" as a replacement for how dare you another example is if you got an alert from your bank about money deducted you could also say just like that as a show of disbelief it's a comical way of responding to often times serious situations.
          So what makes me laugh is the confidence the lady had to just invite herself to the house without an invitation which is a very Nigerian thing to do . She didn't say hello or ask about my mum's day just a message saying i'm coming and to make it worse she wants to come in the evening implying that she will be spending the night . How bold of her and so it got me thinking of all the times my family have just shown up at the door without calling then get upset when you are not home.It's funny how people are so brave when they are in the wrong it's true what they say empty vessels make the loudest noise .

These are the thoughts of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking.


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