Men are emotional

I don't know where this idea came from that women are more emotional than men well i do know where it came from but i don't know why today the saying still applies . It is an out dated and frankly false statement that is detrimental to the society.

A rational human being already knows this statement is a lie as one only has to study the behaviour of men to know what i speak of. I am of the opinion that men are more emotional than men , yes you heard me let me explain
          The world as beautiful as it is has done women a great disservice due to colonialism and factors that i cannot go into depth here. Women are placed under a microscope everything we do is analysed , criticised and judged while our male counterparts never face the same scrutiny . This over time lead to the idea that men are rational women are emotional . How do we know women are more emotional than men , all the things to back this statement up is based on how women behave and their reactions not their actually brain scans. 
         If you scrutinise the way men behave it doesn't take a genius to figure out they are emotional beings and they should be. History has taught men to view emotion as weakness so it's not that men are less emotional than women it's that they are not encouraged to show emotion which makes it appear like so. Rationality is being able to look beyond feelings and see the sense in a situation then react i don't know many rational men . Men cannot take what they dish out and feel that by refusing to back down it's an insult to their pride . Men have for so long gotten away with not having to answer any questions which has given them this false believe that a man is right.

My message

I do not know how a man thinks i only know what he does in other words anything i say pertaining to a man is on his behaviour and actions aka his character .I don't hate men i'm simply trying to say to Men you are emotional beings and it's okay to be emotional. I end with this as a man don't' let society box you in and tell you how to be a man decide for yourself what kind of man you want to be i do hope you choose to be a leader man.

These are the authors opinions and should be treated as such . My intention is never to offend but to get you talking .

This topic is to broad to cover in one post stay tuned for related posts


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