This is a funny one so a friend on Facebook wrote something about sitting next to a smelly church member and i couldn't help but laugh and relate I've been there. If someone smells please tell them that's the decent thing to do even though it's hard I'll rather my feeling get hurt than my armpits stinking up the place .

I have an embarrassing story to share please laugh  at me, i remember a time when i was living in Nottingham with a friend and i ran out of deodorant then i taught to myself now is perfect time to go natural I've always wanted to stop using deodorants so i seized the moment and being the avid googleer i am i took to google and typed something like


and stumbled across a blog which suggested i use lemon which prevents armpit odour, lightens the armpits overtime and leaves it smelling fresh . Being who i am i didn't bother going out and just used the tangerines i had at home at the time and it worked well but as  i don't shave the effectiveness wears of half way through the day and man when i say i stink i STINK. I would want to run away from myself and in the mornings it was 10x worse but i stuck it out . I should have just saved myself the smell and gone out and bought a good deodorant but in my depressed state of mind i just wanted to stay home and eat .One day a friend invites me for lunch and i accept knowing fully well he was going to suffer my stench during this lunch on the bus ride there i was so conscious i had my hands down all through the ride and when i went to press the stop button the woman beside me got a whiff and i looked at her she looked at me and we both knew it was coming from me.

My message

All through the dinner i was uncomfortable because i was so conscious of how i was smelling and i can't help but think what if i didn't know i was smelling . I imagine admiring a man looking so handsome and groomed in a nice suit but stinks that dampens his appeal . Bad odour can easily be amended if it's not a medical condition and can be an indicator of a persons state of mind and health . My bad odour though caused by me not using deodorant but was related to my mood at that point in my life i used the excuse of wanting to go natural to stop me from going out .  At the end of the day if you're not going to tell that person they stink for their own good do it for yours save your nose from the agony and if you do decide to tell someone they smell do it with compassion and understanding don't be a meanie.

These are the opinions of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking


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