I often wonder why married couples spend more time talking to outsiders than they do talking to each other .

It is my understanding that a spouse is suppose to be an extension of oneself so it baffles me when i see couples keeping their other half at arms length. In this post i'm specifically advising married couples though if it applies to you go with the flow . 
           I see a lot of couples distance themselves from their spouses and fill the spot their partners are meant to hold in their lives with other people so if you find yourself getting attached to something or someone a bit too much you need to ask yourself what you are running away from divert some of that love and devotion you spend on others to your spouse.
         My advice, spend more time with each other and make your family and home a priority in your life .Communicate with your spouse it's really not that hard just speak up and don't assume to know what the other is thinking and worse don't think he or she is a mind reader , you need to say what you feel and encourage your partner to do the same. 


Instead of pulling their spouse closer married couples tend push each other away subconsciously. At the end of the day it comes down to what you are willing to do to make your relationship work a lot of marital problems can be solved if only the couples involved cared enough to try before giving up . I guess it's easier for some people to walk away than fix the problem because once it's fixed bad things will happen right ?? Don't be lazy put the work in and save your relationship if you want it.

My message 

A marriage can work if the two people involved work hand in hand but it suffers if both parties put zero work in or one person carries all the weight in the relationship. I guess what i'm trying to say is spend more time with your partners get to know them better and i wish you a happy union .

These are the opinions of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking


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