Quiet people scare me

 Quiet people scare me i mean literally i avoid them when i see them . They scare me because i can't tell what they will do next .

            In my everyday life someone could mistake me as a quiet person and when i was younger i believed i was quiet now that I'm older i know otherwise . I'm not quiet I'm reserved and trust me when i say they are not the same i will explain their differences in another post because i have a lot to say. As i write i want you to picture anyone you may know who is quiet might even be you and i want you to see if anything i say relates . Quiet people appear gentle , easy going you could even say they are a bit slow but let me tell you it's an act . What i have found with quiet people is they don't shout but when they act it shocks you the strength of their convictions is in their silence .
I use to think quiet means a person is good, i also thought because you are quiet then you must be a push over easy to manipulate oh how wrong i was . Don't get it twisted quiet people are not terrible people you just need to watch your back . A quiet person is someone who acts more than they speak i know confusing right i mean quiet people don't announce what they intend to do they just do it.I find quiet people make me uncomfortable because they are so hard to read and often times deliberately conceal parts of themselves to maintain the quiet facade.

My message

Don't equate quiet with stupidity . It's my belief that they are of strong character and very self assured hence why they don't feel the need to announce themselves however their silence should be a signal to anyone who is observant . I'm not trying to scare you away from quiet people I'm simply saying be observant and don't think because someone is quiet it means they are good people and vice versa .

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These are the opinions of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking


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