Women are worth fighting for

This may surprise some people out there but we live in a world run by men. While many believe this others see it as a false narrative i am here to say you are delusional for denying facts.
My definition of living in a mans world is a world where the actions of men directly affect women while the actions of a woman has little to no effect on the world and society .
        The society we live in is very one sided and bias where the needs of men are placed above a woman, where a woman still needs validation from a man for her words to mean anything We live in a society that instead of telling men to be responsible for their actions finds a way to pardon them. A society where women are always told how to act and behave essentially trying to control them while allowing men to behave without restraint .
      All this is not new however we have reached a point in society where women are fighting back and instead of society to show understanding society is going on the offensive . Is it so bad for a woman to have standards , to want to be seen as more than body parts , to want love flaws and all. We are constantly told to take a man as he is sometimes to the detriment of our souls. Women are told to place the well being of a man above their own wellbeing while no such thing is asked of a man.

My message 

I'm not saying a woman wanting to please a man is bad I'm simply calling out society bias . If we are going to hold women to such high standards we should hold men up there too . Enough of women carrying all the weight in society how about men start leading and supporting women. We are not your enemy or your slaves we are both important in society stop trying to belittle our contributions and worth. I ask readers and people out there focus your efforts on men as you do women. Instead of writing articles and books on how women should behave why not write to men on how to treat a woman. Women are worth fighting for and there is no shame in putting them first. We cannot build a progressive world when one half of the population is not allowed to fully explore who they are we need air to breathe.

Disclaimer  : These are my thoughts and opinions and should be treated as such. My intention is never to insult but to get us talking

Watch out on this blog for stories advising men on how to be better mates and people in society. 


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