A common saying i hear today is University is overrated or who needs a degree when i can make money without one well i say that is a very dangerous and short sighted view to have . If you think university is a waste of time then you don't know the power of a degree .

                The reason why University is worth your time , effort and money is because you have access to information you cannot get elsewhere so if you can find the information you want outside the University then a University degree may be worthless to you . I give an example if you can want to be a technician you don't need a degree you need professional qualifications which are available outside of university. I too at a point in my life felt i wasted my time in University i didn't really see the point of a degree except what i was told a degree would offer me. I was sold this idea that good grades at university will make me a successful person and while that is true for many graduates it's only a fraction of the full story.
       For me to grasp the value of a degree i had to understand what a degree offers me and after years of reflection i found my answer. A degree offers me freedom , it opens doors that will not open without a degree. A university degree proves to the world and to yourself that you are knowledgeable enough in your chosen field. . 

My message

Go to university to get the best out of life not just for the degree but for the experience . University is a journey and will shape you for the good so give it a go . It is important for me to state having a degree in one field does not mean you are limited to that field . A first degree should open doors for you not shut them as there are many jobs available that only ask for a first degree irrespective of academic relevance . Lastly it's okay if you feel like you made a mistake choosing your degree it's not to late to change things around don't accept defeat see how you can transform that degree into something useful. 

These are the thoughts of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking.

Look out for this tag i will be adding new posts very soon , my next will be to advice kids on what course to choose at university. 


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