Yoruba Movies are biased

Any avid viewer and consumer of Nollywood movies especially the indigenous category Yoruba side knows how bias and fundamentally flawed the movies are towards women .

I understand why this is so it's because of culture and religion however i refuse to accept it as a norm hence why i'm speaking out about the portrayal of women in Yoruba movies. As a conscious viewer i can't help noticing how women are often portrayed especially in a negative light examples

  • Witch 
  • Mistress 
  • Prostitute 
  • Mumu aka dumb wife aka submissive wife
  • The slave 
  • The maid
  • Prayer warrior wife
  • Mother
  • Friend
The list goes on and i'm sure some of you might think what's so wrong with these characters well i'll tell you It's not so much the characters but how they are used in movies . When women are portrayed in any of the roles listed above especially in Yoruba movies it's emphasis on the fact that her actions are somehow to blame for all the wrong in society and all the bad things that happen in the movie .
          Why are Nigerian men not encouraged to pray and fast in movies to prevent calamity like the women . A common plot is one where the church will tell a woman to fast and pray 7 days to solve a problem caused by the husband which passes the message that it is your job as a woman to clean up your husbands mess . 

          I will start by saying there is no supply without demand . Nigerian men go out looking for mistresses and side chicks so naturally this demand will be met how is it then the fault of the person meeting the demand. Let me explain in case i lost you how is it the fault of the prostitute that the Nigerian man wants a prostitute , did she somehow mind control him or cast a spell on him to make him want the services of a prostitute? You could say well prostitution is bad and just because there's a demand you need to supply well yes you have a point and i am also not excusing the woman's role in the situation i am simply holding all parties involved accountable. Yoruba movies shift all the blame on the prostitutes and wife essentially saying again the Nigeria man is the victim here.

       Often times the behaviour of Nigerian men get excused and they are not held accountable for his actions .The Nigerian culture and religion allow Nigerian men remain saints while women are the sinners . It must be noted that Nigerian culture and religion has evolved over the years for good and bad however colonialism heavily influenced our way of life for the worse . This idea that women are inferior , they need to be monitored because they are volatile creatures , that their place is beneath a man essentially that the woman is slave to a man is the white mans aka the oppressors opinion on what society should look like which they infused into our culture which today is called tradition. Nigerian women have and do play integral roles in society our history is proof of how strong women were as we had many female activists, warriors and queens long before colonisation  so where did this idea come from that men are superior to women in the Nigerian society.

My message

To the Yoruba industry and Nollywood at large times have changed so change with it . You cannot keep writing scripts that do not reflect the current terrain in the country . There is also a growing disconnect and dissatisfaction from Nigerian women and women at large at how they are portrayed in Nollywood. When scripts are written it's important to understand not to sacrifice the female character for the story or the man .               
        Also please stop directing all your movies to women , how about we have movies highlighting the negative things men do and how their actions have very severe consequences in society . We have to talk to each other and movie makers need to do their research and stop writing generic and bland stories . We live in a Nigeria where women are as important as men , women are contributing more financially at home and in the economy, a time where being a man no longer guarantees success or wealth , a time where women are educated and aware of their worth and significance in society and so the movie industry specifically the Yoruba industry needs to reflect these times .

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These are the authour opinions and should be treated as such . My intention is never to offend but to get you talking .


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