Issa Rae: Her comments don't offend me

Successful comedian Issa Rae star of the show Insecure on HBO network is facing backlash after a snippet of her book titled The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl check link Ebony Entertainment for full details was published on social media which mentioned black women and Asian men should get together .
She said something like Asian men are the intellectual mates of Black women . This caused outrage and a divide online with some black folks mostly men attacking her and others defending her mostly women. I just find it Ironic that Black men only see colorism and racism when it's directed at them not to say Issa did anything racist or is endorsing colorism to each their own.

What she wrote is not wrong but her statement is suggestive of many things but it's left to you as a reader to decide what you understand from her statement people are putting words in her mouth and taking the statement out of context. Asian men specifically east Asian men and black women are picked on and often the butt of offensive not so funny jokes .They are portrayed as the least desirable when it comes to dating which is funny because in the same breath they are praised for their attributes eg the all famous Asian smarts and the beauty of the black woman's physique .

I am not offended by what Issa said because she has the right to her opinions and i have the right to not let her opinions affect me . In fact i agree with her statement and endorse Asian man black woman AMBW pairing not because of fetish or some nonsense but because of values and culture . Asians in general have a family oriented culture and black women want stability which a family provides. Black women want to build an empire with their mate which the Asians have mastered. Apart from cultures sharing similarities it makes sense financially these two group of people have a long business history which each especially if we look at the beauty industry . 

My message

I support all love i want black women to find love wherever they can and for them to know that they have a right to choose who they want to date. As individuals we have dating preferences which is fine however that should not mean a hatred for what you do not prefer. The reasons why you choose who you date is very important to note as well. I prefer black love and never put down interracial or better yet intercultural love. I'm of the opinion culture is more crucial in relationship than race. 


These are the opinions of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking


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