People are so Dumb: Azealia Banks and The breakfast Club

So just watched the interview of Azealia Banks on The breakfast club's YouTube channel and found it very enlightening.

Going in i had heard a little about Azealia wasn't a fan neither a hater just passive. I watched the interview thinking Azealia is a strong woman she has endured a lot of mistreatment in her life and is still standing. She cares so much that's why she's so vocal and passionate though her delivery can be rude her heart is in the right place she speaks her truth and isn't afraid of the backlash. 

         What sparked me to write this article is the fact that people are hypocrites and honestly zombies . When a woman speaks up and demonstrates free speech she gets shut down , the internet is treating her like she's a hater when she's just stating the truth. Once again she is trending for the wrong reason by design and like Azealia rightly said in the interview people pick and choose what they want to show about her . The media are not reporting the news they are creating the news and dictating the narrative . The interview she did was over 50 mins long yet drama chasing individuals decided to post few clips of what she said pertaining to cardi b and RZA all american celebrities. Then some people have the nerve to say she only trends when she's dragging someone No that's when you pay attention .The real question is why is the media only reporting her opinions and not her art and talent??? I need you to see pass the bull

          In the interview she spoke on being drugged and rapped yet no one is talking about how that is a problem . She also spoke on white feminism which i hundred percent agree with yet again that flew over peoples head . It's so sad to see that people are so dumb that they don't even think for themselves anymore .  The media is trying to reinforce this idea that strong minded individuals who think for themselves are stubborn , crazy , ignorant and just angry when in truth they are truly liberated . What's sad is when i see black folks play into it how you may ask
  • When black media takes side and don't remain objective
  • When they insist on tagging everybody black 
Example a video i watched on YT had this title 

"Cardi B has a meltdown after Azealia Banks shames her"

What do you think this title is implying ? Taking sides instead of just reporting a better title would have been 

"Azealia's thought's on cardi B" or "Azealia speaks up for female rappers" but of course that's not as interesting as the original title drama sells.

I would advice all to watch the FULL interview she did on the breakfast club and then form an opinion on Azealia . She raised far more important talking points i will list a few so you know what to look out for .

  • Rape culture : She was drugged and raped
  • White Feminism : How white women use black women to get what they want 
  • Male privilege : The double standards that gives men multiple chances to grow and redeem themselves but doesn't afford women the same privilege
  • Media manipulation : How the media dictate the narrative and how people blindly fall in line 
Overall the interview was very insightful and interesting it was thought provoking and a good interview .

My message

Don't take things at face value do your OWN research . The truth is the truth and Azaelia said nothing but the truth like her or not. Maybe Azaelia needs to make a part 2 to the Childish Gambino music video THIS IS AMERICA people clearly missed the message. Azealia may say problematic things , she is not perfect and never claimed to be but she speaks her truth.To tell someone to shut up because you disagree with their opinions goes against free speech . 

These are the opinions of the author and should be treated as such . My intention is never to insult but to get us talking


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